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To make a purchase you can first register to become a member by clicking the Register button-Login at the top right or by a fast (non-member).

Select> Process transactions> Wait for Confirmation> Pay & Validation> Wait Delivered

CheckSelect Safety Shoes product you want, input size and number, then press the "Add to Cart"

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checkIf you are finished selecting the desired product please select "Shipping Method" and press "Proceed to Check Out"

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checkFill your personal data and make sure the data you enter is correct and press "Continue to Billing".

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checkIf the shipping address is correct Please choose "Billing Method" Then press "Continue to Confirm".

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checkPress the "Proceed" (continued).

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checkYour order WORKED !!! Press the "Continue Shopping" to continue shopping.

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  • Your order will be approved no later than within 2x24 hours (weekdays); You will be notified by email.
  • We will confirm the payment and process your shipment and give you a receipt number for tracking within 1x36 hours (weekdays).
  • After diapprove please transfer the appropriate amount that has diapprove to no. an account that has been provided (Can be seen in MY ACCOUNT> Profiles). If the amount transferred does not match then your order will not be processed.
  • Please check the status of your order from the member area "MY ACCOUNT".

Warranty provisions

  1. Reporting to claim warranty valid within 1 week of receipt.
  2. The warranty applies only to defects.
  3. Complaints are reported via email or Telephone and accompanied by evidence in the form of photographs.
  4. Please send back the goods to us in the packaging is intact; The outer packaging please processed by thinking about the integrity of the goods when received.



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