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General requirements

By accessing or using the website / online store (Dr.OSHA), you agree to the terms and provisions of Us. Hope you read these terms and conditions carefully.
Any access or any form of buying and selling process through DrOsha (either through an online store (Dr.OSHA), sms, email, Blackberry messenger) that you do, we assume that you have agreed to all points contained in the terms and these conditions.
If you do not accept and agree to these terms and conditions, then you are welcome to leave the site (Dr.OSHA), and no further access to the site (Dr.OSHA). (Dr.OSHA) reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions, as well as the content, information, product prices tetera in (Dr.OSHA) at any time and from time to time without prior notice ,

Process Order

All orders must have made full payment before we can process into submission. (Dr.OSHA) reserves the right to not process or delay your order if we do not successfully validate your payment, for example, because there is the entry of a payment to our bank account, the lack of payment, or i-Banking system error that can not be done checks.
All orders that have been paid, can not be canceled.
All goods that have been purchased can not be returned. We always ensure that all goods have gone through quality control, and will pack well when shipping.
If an error occurs the delivery of goods, then we will send the goods replacement after you return the goods is wrong and we will free postage for delivery of replacement goods.


Price and Payment

Payments to local customers (in Indonesia) can be done via Bank Transfer (via BCA or Mandiri) and Paypal. Payment by Western Union only intended for customers outside Indonesia.
All payments via bank transfer is Rupiah (IDR), while through Paypal and Western Union using USD. (Dr.OSHA) the right to change product prices at any time. If there is an error in the pricing of products website, then (Dr.OSHA) reserves the right to reject incoming orders using the wrong price, and will inform the correct price to the customer and make improvements in the online store price Id (Dr.OSHA).

Customers purchasing from other countries can pay via bank transfer in Indonesian Rupiah. However, we urge customers from overseas to pay in US $ via PayPal if possible. We have our own currencies for US $ and customers have no rights to change the currency exchange since we have calculated our losses when cashing US $ to our currency. Any custom and tax costs will be invoiced to you directly from DHL. We recommend you contact your local customs for more details.


Product information and Photos

We strive to provide the information and photos of the most accurate color for each product, but the color displayed may vary slightly due to the lighting effect or setting computer / monitor.


Shipping Rules and Restrictions

All forms of complaints is the responsibility of shipping logistics company. (Dr.OSHA), are not responsible and can not provide replacement goods or refund the money for the risk of loss of goods during the shipping process, and you agree to release Us of all claims and losses associated with the order delivery process by logistics company.
Standard shipping rates we use are JNE Regular service (without insurance). Please be aware that the JNE only provide compensation of up to 10x the price of shipping costs to compensate for the lost turnover of goods shipped without insurance. You can request a special request to us to add insurance to your shipment (of course there will be additional cost).
Make sure that you have given the shipping information (name, full address, phone no, name of item) correct and complete. Please be aware that (Dr.OSHA), are not responsible for lost / delivery errors due to the name / address you inform wrong.

You can directly contact the JNE office in your city to get information about lost items. Location and telephone number JNE branches in your city can be found at the following link:


Intellectual Property

We are the sole owner or lawful licensee of all rights to the Site and Content in the online store (Dr.OSHA).
All content that is in the online store DrOsha including software and HTML are not allowed to be used for any purpose. Each User agrees not to copy, use, distribute, reproduce or download any information, text, images, photographs, logos, video recording, directories, documents, databases that exist on the site (Dr.OSHA) with the aim of anything.
You can use the contents (Dr.OSHA) for editorial purposes with prior written permission from us by sending an email to [email protected] (Dr.OSHA).
Site (Dr.OSHA), Brand, Name and associated icon is a registered trademark reserved on copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. Is strictly prohibited to use, modify, or install the brands mentioned above.

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