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Cancellation Policy

1.1 Cancellation of Orders

  1. If within two (2) working days from the date of purchase order has not been carried out there is no confirmation of payment or payment by the Buyer to (Dr OSHA), the order will be automatically canceled.
  2. The buyer may cancel the purchase at any time before the order in status "Preparation Delivery". When the order is already in the status "Preparation Delivery", the cancellation will refer to the approval of the Seller and Conditions (Dr OSHA). (Seller is given a maximum time limit of two (2) working days to approve the filing of the cancellation of the Buyer) If the seller does not give a response within 2 working days, then the system will perform an automatic cancellation on day 3 after the date of cancellation request.
  3. When the order is already in the status "Shipping", then the process of cancellation can be done with the product return process with reference to the Return Policy in
  4. If no delivery confirmation from the seller within a period of four (4) working days after the payment order, the buyer is entitled to file a cancellation for a refund, except if there is a delay in shipment notification from the Seller (valid for Domestic Shipping).
  5. The cancellation process can be done online on the website or via the Customer Service (Dr OSHA) (email or phone)
  6. Cancellation is free of charge.
  7. In the event of any disagreement or difference of opinion between the Seller and (Dr OSHA) regarding this cancellation, it is the provisions (Dr OSHA) regulations.

1.2 Exceptions for Cancellation

After the confirmation of payment for purchases made, the cancellation does NOT apply to categories of products preorder.

2. Exchange & Return Policy

2.1 Exchange / Refund Products

  1. Buyers can request exchange or refund the product on order within a period of 3 (three) business days from the date of acceptance of the product and the connection with the return of the product, related regulations and policies on the matter applies the above terms and conditions of (Dr. OSHA).    
  2. Filing exchange or refund the product refers to the approval (Dr OSHA).
  3. The process of filing exchange or refund the product can be made online on this website or contact Customer Service (Dr OSHA) for assistance.
  4. The application for exchange or refund the product submitted over a period of 3 (three) days after the date of receipt of the product can no longer be processed by (Dr OSHA).
  5. Process exchange or refund the product can be made after (Dr OSHA) gives approval.
  6. Upon request exchange or refund the product has been approved by (Dr OSHA), then the buyer can send back the product that is wanted to be exchanged or refunded to address (Dr OSHA).
  7. After (Dr OSHA) accept return of the product Buyer, (Dr OSHA) will check the condition of the product. If there is a justifiable reason, (Dr OSHA) may refuse exchange or refund.
  8. The refund process of returning the product will be made after the (Dr OSHA) products are exchanged or returned.
  9. Buyers can contact Customer Service center (Dr OSHA) to ask for a refund. Upon request, the Customer Service center (Dr OSHA) to confirm the refund proceeding.
  10. Products due to exchange defective / damage or the wrong product / different that has been sent, the buyer must send back products that have been purchased to (Dr OSHA) first, then (Dr OSHA) will sends back the correct product to the Buyer.
  11. In the case of error or safety problems with respect to such products, (Dr OSHA) will perform on the entire withdrawal process and inventory of existing products, including repair, exchange, refund, and all costs incurred will be borne by safetyshoes (Dr OSHA).
  12. In the event of any disagreement or difference of opinion between the buyer and (Dr OSHA) regarding the exchange or return of this product, it is the provisions (Dr OSHA) regulations.


2.2 Shipping costs Exchange or Refund Products

All shipping costs on exchange or refund the product will be borne by the parties in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. Borne by the Buyer, in terms of return because the buyer changed his mind / buyer.
  2. Borne by (Dr OSHA), where the return is caused by defects in products, delays in delivery by the Seller and / or submission of incorrect or different products.

2.3 Terms and Conditions for Exchange or Refund Products

  1. Products exchanged or returned must be in the same condition when received buyer. Including packaging and labeling tags (if any).
  2. Products must be in good condition, clean and unused.

2.4 Exceptions for exchange or refund Product

The buyer is not allowed to return or exchange products included in the categories below, unless the product is damaged, do not work or have experienced delivery error:

  1. Items are shipped from overseas.
  2. Preorder

3. Refund (Refund)

3.1 Definitions Refund.

Refunds carried over after the payment order cancellation products, excess payments, non-delivery orders and product returns.

3.2 Method of Refund.

Refund will be made based on the method of payment made by the Buyer during the ordering process.

  • 3.2.1: For Credit Card, the refund will be returned automatically to the credit card limit within the discretion of the issuing bank (credit limit Refunds will be printed on the billing statement next month
  • 3.2.2: For payments using points, refunds will be immediately refunded in the form of points.
  • 3.2.3: For Non-Payment Payment via credit card is an ATM and Bank Transfer:
  • 3.2.3.I: If the cancellation is done by (Dr OSHA) or irrevocable automatically by the system, then a refund will be returned through the banks that have agreed to the two parties.
  • 3.2.3.II: If the cancellation is done by the Buyer, the refund can be directly returned to the bank account of Buyer after the insert / send the correct account number to custumer service (Dr OSHA).

Buyer account to the refund process performed within a maximum period of 5 working days.

In the event of any disagreement or difference of opinion between (Dr OSHA) and the Buyer regarding this, it is the provisions (Dr OSHA) regulations.


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